Services offered


Villa Pesce 1820 is a multiservice universe focused on delivering an experience of relaxation, contact with nature and cultural enrichment.

This is possible thanks to a wide range of services, which sees the integration of elements of experiential, naturalistic, gastronomic and wellness tourism.




Spa & wellness

Enjoy your relaxation to the fullest

In what centuries ago were the places of wine and oil, wheat and livestock,
today you will find an immersive and all-encompassing path
that will lead you to full reconciliation with yourself.


Take a seat in our rooms

Abandon yourself to the harmonious combination of the Neoclassical style
and the best avant-garde furniture and modern living


Taste the typical dishes of the place

Here is for you the sensory journey into the Apulian culture at 0 steps,
always looking forward to the culinary avant-garde.

Why do you pass 0?

Relax area

Imagine to escape from your daily life so intense, stressful and full of responsibilities.

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Imagine yourself in a world of comfort, well-being and reconciliation with the environment. You deserve the best to restore yourself. You deserve the best to find yourself again. You will only feel your breathing becoming more regular and serene, while contemplating the soft colors of nature.

Herbal tea corner

Here you will find the best natural infusions to complete your sensory experience of relax, invigoration, pleasure.

Finnish Sauna

Just like the ancient Canosian calidarium, the Villa Pesce sauna will give new lymph to your skin thanks to the high temperature of 90C.

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In this way all excess toxins are sweat away giving shine to your skin and purifying it of impurities.

Turkish bath

Sit down and close your eyes. The high humidity and high temperatures will make the rest, helping sweating of the body and dilation of pores.

Emotional Shower

Colors, smells and warmth to conclude your wellness journey and make this passage a whirlwind of positive emotions.

Ice Fall

The freezing cold after the sauna allows you to rebalance body temperature and blood pressure. A real boon for your body.

Hydromassage pool

Immerse yourself in the warm waters that snort for simmering. Indulge in relax while your blood circulation and the lymphatic system are restored, caressed by the warmth of the bubbles.